A Brief Look at Natural Medicine

Posted by Kate at 12:24 PM on Aug 3, 2021


Natural medicine encompasses many practices like nutrition, homeopathy, herbalism, bach flowers, acupuncture, aromatherapy and so many more! These can be very helpful for people living with long term medical conditions that aren't responsive to traditional medicine.Everyone reacts differently to medications and sometimes we need to look elsewhere for the answer to support our health.

Since the beginning of human history people have turned to nature for solutions to health problems. A lot of this knowledge has been passed through generations, and while not all of it works brilliantly, a great deal of it does: if it didn't work then people wouldn't still be doing it!Some of this knowledge has found its way into conventional medicine, aspirin being a great example. The primary ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid, which relieves pain.It occurs naturally in the bark of the willow, so for centuries anyone with a headache could be found scouring the woodland for a willow tree. The heart medication digitalis is derived from foxgloves, and although this is considered by many to be a poison, when used at the right dose it can be an effective treatment for some heart conditions.

There is also a lot of natural medicine wisdom that has not made its way into conventional medicine yet, but this doesn't mean it doesn't work.There are species of plants out there we haven't even discovered, so the history of natural medicine is still being written. Thanks to the digital age we are able to find out about natural medical treatments that are practiced in other parts of the world, which is fantastic as we can see not only where the same approach has developed in geographically disparate areas (proof that it works!) but we can draw on knowledge from around the world, building up our understanding of how the natural world can provide many beneficial plants.

Nutrition is a really vital part of natural medicine, and it's one of the ways we can use natural medicinal knowledge to improve what we put into our bodies without potions and concoctions and folklore – it is tried, tested and scientifically sound, and most importantly it can taste amazing!

Hippocrates, widely considered to be the founding father of modern medicine, said it best:

“Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food”.

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