What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Where a holistic approach to nutrition meets science

Nutritional therapy takes an evidence-based (e.g. science!) look at food and looks at how it can support someone’s health and wellness, through their biochemical and physiological pathways.

The aim is to identify potential nutritional imbalances and figure out how these could potentially lead to someone’s symptoms and health issues. Understanding this information then allows a nutritional therapist to address potential imbalances and to support an individual’s health through to wellness.

Naturopathic nutrition takes this a step further and applies this logic with a holistic approach. This means searching for the root cause of a particular concern, rather than concentrating on symptom management, and understanding that a “one-size” fits all approach doesn’t always work when you are dealing with individuals – we are all different! Quite often this involves going back-to-basics to heal the body: nutritious wholefoods, lifestyle advice and potentially supplementation recommendations if appropriate.

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