Nutrition - Isn't That Just Healthy Eating?

Posted by Kate at 11:00 AM on Jul 31, 2018


Most people equate the word “nutrition” with healthy eating, and while this is true there is a lot more to it than that.A healthy diet for one person might not be suitable for another depending on their metabolism, any health conditions and food intolerances.Nutrition means paying attention to what you eat, and why you eat it.Each food we eat has a role to play in the fuelling, maintenance and repair of our bodies – there's a reason Popeye ate spinach for strength because it is a good source of iron, one of the essential nutrients for a healthy body.

Knowing about nutrition can help empower you to make positive and healthy choices in your diet, and when I say the word “diet”, I don't mean a restrictive regimen.Your diet is simply the foods you eat every day, and everyone will need a slightly different diet depending on their needs.Nutritionists like myself aim to help you find out what your ideal diet is for your needs, but we're not in the business of banning cake entirely!

Something that everyone can relate to is the festive blowout.Even if we are trying to eat a healthy balanced diet the temptation at Christmas is too much for most people.When we overeat, favouring certain foods over others we can become tired and lethargic, we might experience gastric troubles (not just of the Brussel sprout induced variety!) and we might feel bloated or nauseous.Easter comes with the same temptations in the form of chocolate, which is fine in moderation, but can make us feel quite sick if we over indulge.

We know how we feel after these feast times, and we also know how amazing we can feel on the first few days of a diet which bans sweets and fried treats, focusing instead on fruits, vegetables and complex starches and healthy fats.

Nutritionists aim to create a nutrition plan based around your specific needs and lifestyle, so you have a plan you know you can stick to without feeling like you're denying yourself the good stuff.

It's really important for all of us to be aware of what we are eating and how it benefits us, or how it negatively affects us.A takeaway every now and then isn't going to to much damage in the long term, but if you eat these sorts of processed foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat every day then you'll encounter health problems at some point.Some of these health problems aren't obvious – we can all see spots and pimples but we can't see how much fat is inside us around our organs and we can't see inside our arteries.We have to pay closer attention to these hidden signs that something might be amiss.

Nutrition is one of the tools we need for a healthy lifestyle and it is an incredibly important foundation upon which to build a healthy lifestyle. You don't see athletes munching McDonalds before they train because they know that without the right ingredients going in they won't get the performance they want out of themselves.You wouldn't fill your car up with the wrong fuel and expect it to get you all the way to your destination, and your body is no different.

We'll be discussing many difference aspects of nutrition and health on this blog, so please feel free to comment or get in touch for more information.

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