What to Expect

After booking your appointment, you will be emailed a short questionnaire to be returned before your visit and a 3-day food diary to bring with you on the day.

Please Note: I am currently undertaking appointments online due to the fact I see many clinically vulnerable people. This ensures everyone's safety and comfort.

Initial Consultation:

We will chat through your health goals and why you have come to see me. I will then take a full case history including medical & family history, diet & lifestyle. This usually takes around 90mins as it is quite in depth. Anything which is repeated in the consultation is strictly confidential.

I will then share initial thoughts and dietary recommendations with you and you can ask any questions. Recommendations may also include supplements, suggested laboratory tests for further information or lifestyle changes. Your individual plan will be emailed to you 3-5 days after the consultation.

As a nutritionist, I cannot diagnose any health conditions.


We will talk about how your health is progressing, any difficulties you may have experienced and make any adjustments needed to your plan. Follow-ups last approx 45mins.

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